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Placidia (in the Musée Saint-Raymond de Toulouse )

Placidia (* around 435; † after 480) was a daughter of the Roman emperor Valentinian III. , Granddaughter of Galla Placidia , wife of the emperor Olybrius and as such regent of the Western Roman Empire . Her full name is uncertain, possibly Galla Placidia Valentiniana or Galla Placidia the younger .


Placidia was the second daughter of Valentinian III. and Licinia Eudoxia . Her older sister was Eudocia , wife of Hunerich , her paternal grandparents were Constantius III. and Galla Placidia, her maternal grandparents Theodosius II and Aelia Eudocia ; Galla Placidia and Theodosius II were members of the Theodosian dynasty .

Theodosian Dynasty

In 454 Aetius betrothed his son Gaudentius , whom his second wife Pelagia, widow of Boniface , had borne to him, to Placidia, the younger daughter of the emperor, but Emperor Valentinian III voted. reluctant to. After the death of Valentinian III. in 455, his wife Licinia Eudoxia was forced to marry the senator and usurper Petronius Maximus in Rome, who dissolved Placidia's engagement in favor of his son Palladius . Shortly afterwards , however, the Vandals under King Geiseric attacked the city and kidnapped Licinia Eudoxia and her two daughters, Eudocia (* 439; † 471/72) and Placidia and her fiancé Gaudentius as hostages to Carthage .

In Carthage they spent the next few years under house arrest, the Eastern Roman Emperor Markian twice sent messengers to Geiserich to persuade him to release the women, Geiserich refused, however, and he now married his son Hunerich to Placidia's sister Eudocia.

Placidia married in Carthage in 455 the noble and leading senator of Rome Flavius ​​Anicius Olybrius , later emperor of the Western Roman Empire, whom Geiseric had also brought to Carthage as a hostage. As a result of this marriage, Olybrius was now related to Geiserich, only a renewed request made by the Eastern Roman Emperor Leo to Geiserich for the release of the hostages was successful in 461.The Vandal King sent Placidia with her mother, the Empress-widow Licinia Eudoxia, to Constantinople , the sister Eudocia, on the other hand, had to remain in the Vandal Empire. Placidia gave birth to her husband Olybrius in Constantinople in the year 462, the daughter Anicia Juliana , her husband Flavius ​​Anicius Olybrius was raised by Ricimer in spring 472 to the Western Roman emperor ; after a reign of only 6 months, the ailing emperor died of dropsy . Her daughter Anicia Juliana was to be one of the most influential people in East and West Rome in the decades that followed.

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