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PlanMaker is a spreadsheet program developed by the Nuremberg company SoftMaker . It is as part of the Office suite SoftMaker Office distributed.

The current version is PlanMaker 2018 (included in SoftMaker Office 2018 ). The program is available for the following operating systems:

PlanMaker is the only spreadsheet program that supports all of these systems.

PlanMaker for Windows and Linux can also be copied to a USB stick and used on any Windows or Linux PC without the need for installation or changing the PC's system files.


PlanMaker is clearly based on the model of Microsoft Excel : The user interface is similar, the functional scope is essentially the same, the greatest possible data compatibility with Excel is sought. The Excel file format (.xlsx) can even be selected as the standard storage format for files instead of the proprietary PlanMaker file format (.pmdx). PlanMaker, however, is more geared towards home and small business users due to the emphasis on easier and faster usability.

Macros and VBA scripts contained in Excel documents cannot be executed in PlanMaker, but are retained when saved in Excel format. As part of the SoftMaker Office package, SoftMaker provides BasicMaker, its own scripting language, the scripts of which, however, cannot be embedded in PlanMaker documents.

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