Sealing clamp

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Sealing clamp

A sealing clip is used to secure screw connections on gas or water pipes against manipulation .

The clamp consists of two plastic half-shells, which are locked in place by means of precise pins and bores and are permanently pressed with pliers ( sealing pliers ). Removing the clamp will destroy it forever. It cannot be reused.

The clamps are available in different sizes, depending on the diameter and shape of the screw connection to be secured .


Sealing clamps
Sealing clamp for water meters

Sealing clamps are mainly used in the area of ​​gas and water supply. They are placed around the pipe screw connection like a collar and sealed with sealing pliers. The screw connection can only be opened if the sealing clip is removed beforehand, i. H. destroyed the seal.

With the sealing clip z. B. prevents gas meters or water meters from being removed or bridged.