Pluton (short-range missile)

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General Information
Type Short-range missile
Manufacturer Aérospatiale
development 1960s
Commissioning 1974
Technical specifications
length 7.59 m
diameter 640 mm
Combat weight 1,430 kg
drive Solid
Range 120 km
Target location INS
Warhead a 15 or 25 kt nuclear warhead
Weapon platforms AMX-30 tracked vehicle
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Pluton was a short-range nuclear missile used by the French Army during the Cold War .


The development of the Pluton began at Aérospatiale in the early 1960s . In 1974 the system was introduced to the army. The army put five Pluton artillery regiments with a total of 30 starters into service. In total, it received 120 missiles.


The system was housed on the all -terrain AMX-30 tracked vehicle, highly mobile and quickly relocatable. A minimum reaction time from full speed to rocket launch of less than 20 minutes was achieved. Each vehicle was equipped with a Pluton missile.

The Pluton missiles could be equipped with two different warheads:

  • a nuclear warhead with 15 kT explosive power against tactical targets
  • a nuclear warhead with 25 kT explosive power against strategic targets.

Tactical division

The five Pluton regiments were stationed in northeast France. Each regiment had six launch vehicles with 24 missiles:


In 1993 the Pluton short-range missiles were retired and scrapped.

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