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politics & communication

description Political Communication Magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Political communication
publishing company Quadriga Media Berlin GmbH (Germany)
First edition 2002
Frequency of publication four times a year
Sold edition 8,000 copies
Editor-in-chief Konrad Göke (since 01.20)
editor Rudolf Hetzel, Torben Werner
Web link www.politik-kommunikation.de

politik & kommunikation (p & k) is a specialty magazine for political communication that has been published by Quadriga Media Berlin GmbH since 2002 (until 2016 Helios Media GmbH).
It appears with an annual decrease in circulation.

The editors are Rudolf Hetzel and Torben Werner, the editor-in-chief (senior editor) is Konrad Göke.


Since 2015 the print edition has only appeared four times a year. The magazine reports on political strategy, trends and developments, looks at power technology, campaigns and methods and introduces key players in the political arena.

politik & kommunikation is aimed at people involved in political decisions: MPs and their employees, members of the federal government and their staffs and political officials, representatives of associations and companies, party headquarters and election campaigners, public affairs agencies, capital city journalists, but also readers throughout Germany from state parliament members to state government spokespersons and political scientists.


Since 2003 politik & kommunikation has presented the political award every year . The prize is awarded to political personalities as well as projects and strategic campaigns in the field of political communication. The award is given in the categories of “Lifetime Achievement”, “Politician of the Year” and “Climber of the Year”. There are also a number of campaign-related categories. The jury includes experts from the field of political and strategic communication.


since 2002 Rudolf Hetzel
2002 to 2014 Daniel Steuber
2004 to 2006 Tobias Kahler
2014 to 2019 Georg Milde
since 2020 Torben Werner
2002 to 2004 Tobias Kahler
2004 to 2006 Manuel Lianos
2006 to 2008 Mirjam Stegherr
2006 to 2007 Till Schröder
2008 to 2012 Sebastian Lange
2012 to 2014 Nicole Alexander
2015 to 2018 Viktoria Bittmann
2018 to 2019 Kathi Preppner
since 2020 Konrad Göke

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