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Poltina from 1737, Tsarina Elisabeth
Poltina from 1858

Poltina (also "Poltinnik" Russian Полтина even полтинник ) was a Russian coin worth half a ruble . In the 13th century, first mentioned, these were originally a 100 gram silver bars, so the hälftigen weight of about 200 g heavy ruble silver bullion, the hryvnia . It was divided (analogously to the ruble) into 50 kopecks as arithmetic units. In 1654 the Poltina (under Tsar Alexei I ) was minted for the first time as a coin in copper (in circulation until around 1663 ). Under Peter I the Great, the coin was minted in silver again from 1699 , the weight of which decreased continuously. In the 19th century , the coin was only issued more than 50 kopecks. The popular name remained until the Soviet Union, where the silver 50 kopeck coin from 1924 to 1927 bore the name "Ein Poltinnik" on its lapel.