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Studio Konami
Publisher Konami, star
10/ 1982
genre Shoot 'em up
Game mode Single player , 2 players alternating
control 2-way joystick ; 1 button
casing default
Arcade system Main CPU :
Z80 (@ 3.072 MHz)
Sound CPU:
Z80 (@ 1.789772 MHz)
Sound chips:
2 × AY-3-8910 , 6 × RC
monitor Raster resolution 224 × 256 (3: 4 vertical) Color palette: 32

Pooyan is a classic arcade game , which in 1982 by Konami was developed. In this innovative shoot 'em up , the player controls a piglet that has to protect its piglets from wolves.

Game flow

Level 1

In the first level , the character is in a cage on the right side of the screen, which can be moved vertically up and down. The hungry wolves use balloons to float down from a tree to the piglets. The balloons must be hit by an arrow with an arrow to prevent them from doing so. The wolves also throw acorns.

Level 2

In the second level the wolves float with reinforced balloons from bottom to top. These have to be hit twice. Once at the top, seven wolves can push a large pile of stones towards the pawn. After a bonus round, it starts all over again with an increased level of difficulty.

This and that

Pooyan is Japanese and means piggy. The game is based on the fairy tale The Three Little Pigs .


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