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Positions - texts about the current music
Positions logo 2019
description Contemporary music journal
Area of ​​Expertise New music , new improvisation music , advanced music
language German
publishing company Positions GbR
Headquarters Berlin
First edition 1988
Frequency of publication quarterly
Widespread edition 800 copies
editor Bastian Zimmermann and Andreas Engström
Web link www.positionen.berlin
ISSN (print)

Positions - Texts on Current Music is a specialist journal for contemporary music based in Berlin. It is self-published and edited by the author and dramaturge Bastian Zimmermann and the musicologist and author Andreas Engström.


The magazine was launched in spring 1988 by Armin Köhler and Gisela Nauck in what was then VEB Edition Peters Leipzig as an alternative to the official publication culture of contemporary music common in the GDR under the title Positions. Contributions to new music established. After the publication of the first two issues, this drew massive resistance from the GDR authorities ( composers' association , Ministry of Culture , Central Committee of the SED ). Since 1990 the magazine has been self- published under the editorship and chief editor of Gisela Nauck . In 2008 the magazine was named Positions. Texts about the current music . Since 2019, the magazine has been managed and edited by the new editorial team Andreas Engström and Bastian Zimmermann and supported by Berlin creatives and international correspondents.


The magazine discusses and reflects on contemporary music and culture in German-speaking and international areas. The magazine, which was founded in 1988 by Gisela Nauck and Armin Köhler in Leipzig, East Germany, presents essays, portraits, interviews and specials as well as a large number of "positions" in thematically oriented booklets: Discourse-oriented reviews of sound recordings, books, festivals, concerts or exhibitions as well as music-specific events e.g. . B. in fine arts, fashion or performance.

The journal published in Berlin appears quarterly. Individual articles and reviews are also published online. In a digital archive, past articles are accessible through some libraries. In order to enable an international discourse, many texts for publication in the positions are also translated into German. The magazine wants to strengthen the discourse and the role of criticism and thus build a bridge between academic music research and cultural journalism. With the aim of supporting future generations of authors, the two editors regularly organize writing workshops in cooperation with festivals or universities.

Positions has been a member of the European network of cultural magazines Eurozine since October 2019 .

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