Edition Peters

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CF Peters Ltd & Co. KG
legal form Limited partnership
founding December 1, 1800
Seat Leipzig , Germany
Branch Music industry
Website www.edition-peters.de
Status: 2015

Edition Peters is the name used today for CF Peters Musikverlag Leipzig .

History of the publisher

A typical inside title of an edition of Edition Peters, ca.1890
The residential and commercial building of the music publisher CF Peters in Leipzig, built in 1874 based on designs by the architect Otto Brückwald

The composers Franz Anton Hoffmeister and Ambrosius Kühnel founded the music publisher as Hoffmeister & Kühnel, Bureau de Musique in Leipzig in 1800 . In 1814 it became the property of the bookseller Carl Friedrich Peters and since then has borne his name in the form of CF Peters .

In the 20th century, the Hinrichsen family was expropriated twice : in 1939 by the Nazi government and, after it was returned in 1945, a second time in 1950 by the SED . The publishing house was then relocated to Frankfurt am Main , but continued to exist in Leipzig as VEB Edition Peters .

In 1993 the Hinrichsen family finally received the VEB back.

Edition Peters goes back to a series of sheet music editions founded in 1867, which already have the characteristic cover design that is still common today.

One focus of the publishing house is the edition of so-called Urtext editions.

In addition to “classical” composers in the narrower sense, works by many contemporary composers are also published.

Henry Litolff 's Verlag ( Collection Litolff , since 1940), Edition Schwann (since 1974) and CF Kahnt Musikverlag (since 1989) also belong to CF Peters Musikverlag .

In August 2010, Peters Edition Ltd. London, CF Peters Corporation New York, CF Peters Musikverlag Frankfurt / Main and the Leipzig companies of Edition Peters to form the Edition Peters Group .

Since July 1, 2014, the German headquarters of the publishing house has been back in Leipzig , where the publishing house was once founded.


The archives of the publishing house are now largely in the Saxon State Archives, Leipzig State Archives . There it forms the inventory 21070 CF Peters, Leipzig, and includes, among other things, letter copy books as well as letters and correspondence files received with composers and business partners at home and abroad from the year 1800, print and record directories, sales books and music from the autograph manuscript to the print. The holdings also contain archives from the Rieter-Biedermann publishing house, which was taken over in 1917. The finding aid is available for online research.


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