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As post positions are called the words that unlike the " prepositions in the strict sense" behind are the word to which they relate. In German they assign the case for the noun:

  • " According to a report " (+ dative)
  • "Simplicity sake " (+ genitive)
  • "I think by " (+ dative)
  • " Along the river " (+ accusative)
  • " Because of the money " (+ genitive)

Some postpositions change their case if they are placed in front of the reference word as a preposition :

  • " According to a report" (+ genitive)
  • " Along the river" (+ dative, more rarely + genitive)

As part of postpositional structures, postpositions are often used as an alternative form of expressing indirect speech ( subjunctive ):

  • "According to a report by Focus , child poverty has skyrocketed in Germany."

Some postpositions can also be used as a preposition.

In some languages, expressions that are prepositions in German are implemented as postpositions by default. Examples:

  • Hindi :
    • मेज़ पर mez par "on the table": मेज़ mez "table", पर par "on"
    • भाई के लिए bhāī ke lie "for the brother": भाई bhāī "brother", के लिए ke lie "for"
  • Japanese :
    • そ の あ と で(sono ato de) : "after that", after
    • そ こ か ら(soko kara) : “there from”, from there
  • Hungarian :
    • az asztal alatt = literally "the table under" = under the table
    • a ház előtt = literally "the house in front of" = in front of the house
  • Guaraní :
    • che rógape = literally "I house in" = in my house
    • ka'aguýrupi = literally “forest through” = through (the / a) forest

In the Baltic Finnish languages there are many postpositions as well as a few prepositions. In Finnish , most postpositions use the genitive , only some require the partitive .

  • minun "kanssani" "with me" (with genitive),
  • ikkunan "vieressä" "next to the window" (with genitive),
  • sinua "varten" "for you" (with partitive)

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