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PowerNow! is a power-saving technology for notebook processors from AMD . A similar functionality can be found in Intel's SpeedStep and Centaurs LongHaul or PowerSaver.

The way it works is relatively simple: the core voltage and clock rate of the processor are adapted to the current computing power requirements. When the CPU load is low, the clock rate is lowered and the voltage is reduced. This reduces power consumption (and heat generation). As soon as more power is required, the CPU is clocked higher again. This switchover takes place within fractions of a second and is not noticeable to the user.

PowerNow! has three effects:

  • A battery charge keeps a notebook running longer. The lower the utilization of the processor, the more the power consumption can be throttled.
  • The processor and thus the entire notebook is cooler because less waste heat is generated. The noise level also drops because the fan doesn't turn on as often.
  • The fact that the processor reaches lower temperatures increases the service life, which is reduced disproportionately by high temperatures.

PowerNow is used! in the following CPUs:

The further development Cool'n'Quiet is used in Athlon 64 -based CPUs, but PowerNow! is called:

Enhanced PowerNow!

A further development of the PowerNow! Technology is Enhanced PowerNow! . Individual processors are almost completely switched off. The technology will be used in future models of the AMD Opteron with four processor cores. All four processor cores can be managed separately and largely switched off if necessary.

Enhanced PowerNow! aims to further reduce the power loss of less than 100 watts for future CPUs.