Project proposal

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A project application is the first step (and the prerequisite) for the approval of project funds and / or resources for a cost-intensive, upcoming task. This can be a complex study , an economic planning project or a development or research project .

The project application can be created immediately in the administration as a written or Internet document if the procedure is clear . In unclear or complicated process routes - or in the absence of relevant experience - has the formulation of the application, however, a process preceded within an organization in which the interested (mostly minor) point contacts one in this regard by authorized decision point, subsequently to the establishment of an order project to Solving a pending task. (usually the highest: management, board, authority management etc.)

As a rule, projects cannot be financed from the regular budget or a longer-term budget of the responsible cost center (or a comparable organizational unit) because

  • the task only arose at short notice,
  • exceeds the financial framework of ongoing operations
  • and usually also requires the change of some internal organizational forms (in addition to money, also equipment, rooms, contacts and / or employees ).

The budget (or the required resource) must therefore be approved by a higher authority . The organizational unit or person wishing to set up the project must usually follow some standard procedural path.

Formal basis of an approval of the project or project, the project application. In addition to an initial description of the project goals to be achieved (or more recently also the " non-goals "), he must specify a budget within which the organizational unit making the application considers implementation to be feasible. De facto, however, the project application is often - if the operation is manageable - a formal matter, because the initiation of projects is usually decided in advance through informal negotiations between the applicant and the approving organizational unit, at least in the main.