Promotional vehicle

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Promotion vehicles or advertising vehicles are used as mobile advertising media for marketing a product or service in public road traffic, at trade fairs and events .

Promotional vehicles are generally vehicles that have been specially built, converted or decorated for advertising purposes and are mainly used to transfer the image to the consumer .

Special vehicles, such as information vehicles, show trucks or sales vehicles and the classic company car , can be added to the promotion vehicles . Promotion vehicles do not have to fulfill any additional use.

The basic vehicles are conspicuously decorated with foils for vehicle lettering or completely painted in the respective corporate design of the client.

Extreme conversions of standard vehicles are not uncommon. The main goal is to create a particularly eye-catching and attractive vehicle or several vehicles with a high recognition value. A well-known example are the Coca-Cola trucks illuminated with hundreds of individual lightbulbs , which are seen by thousands of spectators on their tours.

Traveling exhibitions are also shown in vehicles. The lettering is primarily used for self-promotion, such as the nanoTruck .

Examples of design and modifications