Prophylaxis impulse

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prophylaxis pulse

description Trade magazine
publishing company zfv Zahnärztlicher Fach-Verlag, Mont-Cenis-Str. 5, 44623 Herne, Germany
Frequency of publication quarterly, at the beginning of each quarter
Sold edition 8,000 copies
Widespread edition 6,852 copies
(Media data 2014 zfv Zahnärztlicher Fach-Verlag, Herne, IVW, 2nd quarter 2014)
Editor-in-chief Jean-François Roulet, University of Florida, College of Dentistry, Department of Dental Restorative Sciences USA
  • Hedi von Bergh, hpcm GmbH (editorial office)
  • Stefan Zimmer, University of Witten / Herdecke, Department of Preservation and Preventive Dentistry (Editor)
editor Rolf Hinz , Herne
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prophylaxe impuls is a dental journal published by Zahnärztlichen Fach-Verlag . The editorial concept of prophylaxe impuls unites science and practice in every issue. The scientific part enables dentists to acquire advanced training points by studying literature. The practical part gives the dental assistant professions ( dental nurse (ZFA), Dental prophylaxis assistants (ZMP), dental nurse assistants (ZMF), Dental Administrative assistants (CMV) and dental hygienists (DH)) date knowledge about dental prophylaxis -measures to patient motivation and domestic oral hygiene as well as billing.

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“Prophylaxe impuls” is the official organ of the GPZ Society for Preventive Dentistry and of ZP Zukunft Prophylaxe . The target group of the specialist magazine is the prophylaxis-oriented dental practice. The two editorial focal points science and practice, on the one hand, involve dentists and, on the other hand, offer practical and patient-related information for prophylaxis staff. The practical part includes the sections “Current Prophylaxis”, “Practice Team”, “Billing”, “Training” and “Prophylaxis Market” with contributions to professional preventive measures in the dental practice, to home oral hygiene and individual nutritional or product recommendations.

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