Prosanova (Rostock)

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The Prosanova Literature Festival is the largest regular literary event in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and has been organized once or twice a year by the Rostock Literature House since 2004 . Based on the series of poetry - jazz - prose , authors and songwriters from regional and national space are invited to present poems, stories and songs in a format that is close to the audience. The trademark of the Prosanova is the appearance of the choir "Die Rostocker Schreimöwen", which is composed of all the performers present. In contrast to poetry slams or similar text competitions, Prosanova neither selects winners nor awards prizes; the authors only receive a t-shirt.

The first twelve times the Prosanova took place as a full-evening program followed by a disco. After the premiere in Rostock's MOMO (April 23, 2004), the venue changed from the MAU Club to Stage 602 to the Peter-Weiss-Haus , which has also housed the organizing literature house since 2015. The Prosanova has been taking place as a weekend-long literature festival on the rural Recknitzberg ( Grammow ) since 2017 . In addition to an increased number of artists, the supporting program was also significantly expanded (radio play island, yoga circle, children's handicrafts, midnight barbecues).

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