Protopathic Sensitivity

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Under protopathic sensitivity or protopathic perception (" rough perception ") forms of sensitivity of sensory modalities are summarized with which changes are perceived that may pose a threat to the vital sphere , namely:

Cross-section through the cervical medulla - parts of the spinothalamic tract rise both in the anterior ( ventralis - 5a) and in the lateral cord ( lateralis - 5b) to regions in the diencephalon

The transmission of information for the perception of protopathic sensitivity takes place in part via the spinothalamic tract , which is formed in the spinal cord as the lateral spinothalamic tract in the lateral and as the anterior spinothalamic tract . Therefore, even from front train tracks speaking, or from an anterolateral system .

The fibers of the spinothalamic tract originate from neurons of the spinal cord, which are located on both sides as cord cells in the dorsal horn of the spinal gray matter. You get primary references, for example from nociceptors , which are switched here. The fibers of these secondary afferent cord cells of one half of the segment cross in the anterior alba commissure to the opposite side and rise in the contralateral lateral spinothalamic tract to third afferent neurons and the like. a. in different core areas of the thalamus such as the nucleus ventralis posteromedialis (VPM) and lateralis (VPL).

Similarly, with extrusion of the cells Thermozeption , while those for the coarse protopathische perception of pressure and touch in the spinothalamic tract ventralis ascend.

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