Commissura anterior

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Scheme of a frontal section of the brain at the level of the anterior commissure ("Anterior Commissure")

Commissura anterior , also commissura rostralis (from the Latin rostrum 'beak'), describes one of the commissures of the endbrain , which as a transverse path connects the two temporal lobes . Furthermore, parts of the olfactory pathway cross the side here. The anterior commissure is located rostral to the third ventricle over the lamina terminalis .

The other transverse tracts of the telencephalon are the corpus callosum and the commissura fornicis . The commissure habenularis and the posterior commissure (also commissure epithalamic called) are against the Epithalamus and the diencephalon associated.

The imaginary connecting line between the commissura anterior and the commissura posterior is used in neuroradiology as an orientation aid (English abbreviation “AC-PC line”).

In the commissura alba anterior of the spinal cord , fibers cross segmentally to the opposite side

The term anterior commissura is also used in connection with the spinal cord , for structures near its central canal . The commissura alba anterior is a part of the anterior white matter next to the median furrow, which leads to axons crossing at the segment level . Fibers of cord cells also run here , for example, after switching from nociceptors to them, secondary-afferent neurons in the dorsal horn , which cross over to the lateral spinothalamic tract on the other side of the segment. Furthermore, segmental fibers of the anterior corticospinal tract cross here before switching to α-motor neurons .

The area of gray matter located between the commissura alba anterior and the central canal is called the commissura grisea anterior . It is part of the spinal cord's own apparatus and contains nerve cell bodies and processes of internal cells, including neurites of the commissary cells .

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