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Stages in the embryogenesis of the brain of cranial animals : Prosencephalon , mesencephalon and rhombencephalon develop from the anterior neural tube (left half of the picture, about 5th week in humans). The prosencephalon then differentiates into telencephalon and diencephalon . The diencephalon then differentiates further.
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The diencephalon or diencephalon (also diencephalon ) is a part of the brain and parietal Windwärts joins the midbrain (mesencephalon) to. It encloses the 3rd ventricle on both sides .

It can be divided into:

The midbrain contains centers for olfactory , visual and auditory pathway , the surface sensitivity , the depth sensitivity and the emotional sensation. It is the seat of many sensations, drives and instincts that are essential for survival, such as hunger and thirst, the need for sleep and reproduction, and the instinct for survival .

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