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Puppetmastaz at a gig

The Puppetmastaz are a Berlin hip-hop band that consists exclusively of hand puppets and was founded by Paul Affeld and Alexander Tiller in 1995. They became known nationwide with the songs Pet Sound 2003, which was released as the band's second vinyl maximized single on the record label New Noise , and The Bigger The Better , which was released in 2005 on their new label Louisville Records . Only the dolls can be seen on stage as members of the band, there are no people in the Puppetmastaz crew. While the music is played by the DJ, as is usual with hip-hop bands, all rap interludes are performed live.

The heart of the band is Mr. Maloke, behind whom the Berlin artist Paul Affeld aka Paul PM is, a mole with a large cylinder. According to the "history of the Puppetmastaz", he founded the Puppetmastaz in the late 1990s and gradually more and more dolls were added from all over the world. The dolls, who were later also part of the Puppetmastaz, had their first appearance in 1996 in the Berlin Ex-Kreuz Club . The first appearances as a hip-hop act took place in 1999, and the band's first music video ("Wick-a-Woo") dates from the same year. The dolls first appeared on TV in 2000. The first maxi EP was released in 2002 and is entitled Humans Get All The Credits , which makes the band known nationwide. In 2003 the maxi EP Pet Sound and "Zoology" as well as the album Creature Funk followed . In 2004 a remix record ("Prosettis Disco Balls") was released, but only in a small self-pressed vinyl edition. In October 2005 the EP "Bigger the Better" and the album "Creature Shock Radio" followed. The Puppetmastaz appear regionally and nationally as the "first toy group", especially in France the Puppetmastaz are much more popular than in Germany, where up to 5,000 people come to a show.

The music producers on at least three albums were N1tro, the internationally known music producer Patric Catani (aka Candie Hank, Ec8or) and Bomb 20. Only band leader Paul Affeld and singer and producer Max Turner contributed to all five albums.

Former members also include Alexander Tiller, musician and songwriter Mocky , Chilly Gonzales , Adam Traynor and Blake Worell. Newer members are Pilo (Adrian Ilea), Zhi MC (Zhi Yang Trieu) and Luis Nassowitz, who also manages the band.


  • Mr. Maloke: Head of the group, mole doll
  • Panic, the Pig: rapper, pig doll
  • Snuggles the Bunny: rapper, rabbit doll
  • Wizard The Lizard: rapper, lizard doll
  • Ducci Prosetti: rapper / producer, dragon doll
  • HipHop Notist: rapper, gecko doll
  • Frogga: rapper, frog doll
  • Ricardo Prosetti: rapper / producer, frog doll
  • Flix: rapper, bat doll
  • Turbid, the Toad: frog doll,
  • Ryno: rapper, rhino doll
  • Croucholina, toad doll, dancer, wants to become Germany's next top model
  • Croucho, toad doll
  • Pit: rapper, frog doll
  • Dino Prosetti: producer, fish doll
  • E-Wizz: Rapper, Human Doll
  • Midi Mighty Moe: DJ, fly puppet
  • Big eye, alien doll
  • Rita, ragga doll
  • Keil Pittler, demagogue doll
  • Bloke, clown doll
  • Lisa, lizard doll
  • Buddah, Buddha doll
  • Richelieux, frog doll
  • Hammerhead, hammerhead doll
  • Dogga Dacoda, dog doll
  • Harold
  • BumbleBee, bee pupa
  • Squidrick AKA Squidone: rapper, octopus with hat
  • Yobo: rapper / entertainer, "original" Star Wars doll
  • Peppino
  • Orangatan, monkey doll


Studio albums
Vinyl singles & EPs
  • 2002: Humans get all the Credits (vinyl single)
  • 2003: Pet Sound (audio CD / vinyl single)
  • 2003: Zoology (audio CD / vinyl single)
  • 2004: Prosetti's Disco Balls (vinyl LP) (Remix version by Creature Funk )
  • 2007: The dark side of the sun (feat. Modeselektor ) (vinyl single)
  • 2008: Mephistopheles (remix vinyl single)
  • 2008: Reservoir Foxin / So Scandalous (remix vinyl single)
Audio CD singles
  • 2005: Bigger the better
  • 2006: Do the swamp
Live albums
  • 2006: Clones live in Berlin (audio CD / vinyl LP)

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