Puri (food)

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Puri is an unleavened flatbread from Indian cuisine that is fried in oil . The soft and very nutritious flatbreads are served warm; traditionally with a spicy curry made from potatoes. Puri is not to be confused with the deep-fried bhatura .


To make puri, flour is made into a dough with water, ghee or oil and salt . After a short rest, it is rolled out thinly in portions and baked on both sides in boiling oil , causing the flatbreads to expand like a balloon. When cooling or piercing, the hot air inside escapes, so that the puri collapse again.

Use for chaats

A variant of the flatbread of the same name are crispy puri, which are baked in bite-sized sizes and form the basis for various chaats , such as pani puri .

Puri filled with Sev

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