Quantum praedecessores

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Quantum praedecessores is a papal bull dated December 1, 1145 and the first papal "crusade bull ", which was given by Pope Eugene III. was issued.

Request to King Louis VII of France

For the Pope, the real reason was the loss of the crusader state, County Edessa, in 1144, with this bull he wanted to advertise a new crusade , especially in France . He turned the bull directly to Louis VII (France) and promised complete absolution for his subjects .

Privileges for the Crusaders

In his appeal for the Second Crusade , the Pope had promised the Crusaders four privileges:

  1. Initially, Eugene III. clearly formulated who or what should enjoy ecclesiastical protection in the event of the crucifixion, namely, in addition to the crusader himself, his wife and children as well as his goods and possessions.
  2. The Pope then decreed that from the time of the crucifixion until the time of his return or until the news of the death of the Crusader, no trial of all that the Crusader possessed at that time could be brought.
  3. The third privilege exempted the crusaders from paying interest even if they had sworn to do so.
  4. Finally, Eugene III confessed. to the crusaders to pledge their lands and other possessions, preferably to church institutions, if their liege lord or their relatives (possibly also neighbors) could not or would not lend them money.

Individual proof

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