Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal

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Queen Elizabet II Golden Jubilee Medal (United Kingdom)

The Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal is an honorary award of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth , which was awarded in 2002 in memory of the 50th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II .

Appearance and wearing style

QEII Golden Jubilee Medal ribbon.png

The general and the Canadian version differ: The round, gold-plated copper-nickel (in the United Kingdom etc.) or bronze (for Canada) medal shows on its obverse the bust of Queen Elizabeth II looking to the left with the coronation used Edward's crown . On the back is the quarters of the royal coat of arms, flanked by the dates 1952 and 2002.
The Canadian version shows the image crowned with the diamond tiara and inscribed with the words Queen of Canada • Reine du Canada, while the back with a stylized maple leaf and the word Canada, the year 1952 • 2002 on the left and right side of the crowned royal monogram.

The award is carried on the upper left side of the chest of the borrower on a blue ribbon with narrow red stripes, in the middle of which a wide, white vertical central bar is woven, which in turn is traversed by a narrow red stripe.


The medal was awarded to regular members of the British Armed Forces, their reserves and cadets who were in service on February 6, 2002 and who had served more than five years of service. The medal was awarded to: In the British Army : 94,222, in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines : 32,273 and in the Royal Air Force 38,889 people. Queen honors are known outside of the guidelines.

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Individual evidence

  1. For example, William Mountbatten-Windsor, Duke of Cambridge , and his brother Henry Mountbatten-Windsor , who only later began their military service.