Rīgas Sporta pils

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Rīgas Sporta pils
Rīga, Sporta pils 2002-10-02 - panoramio.jpg
Exterior view
place Riga , Latvia
Coordinates 56 ° 57 '34 "  N , 24 ° 7' 10"  E Coordinates: 56 ° 57 '34 "  N , 24 ° 7' 10"  E
owner Rotermann Group
opening 1970
demolition 2008
capacity 5,500 (including 5,000 seats)

Dinamo Riga (1970–1995)
Latvian national ice hockey team (1991–2006)
HK Vilki OP Riga (2000–2007)

The Rīgas Sporta pils , also Rīga Sports Palace (literal translation of Riga's Sports Palace ), was an ice rink in the Latvian capital, Riga . It was opened in 1970 and offered 5,500 spectators (5,000 seats and 500 standing places).

From the opening of the ice rink until 1995, it was the home ground of the Dinamo Riga ice hockey team . The building complex includes further training halls and ice rinks, where figure skating , basketball and tennis were played regularly . For many years one of the stars of Latvian ice hockey , Helmuts Balderis , was the manager of the ice rink.

From 1991 to 2006 the ice rink was used for all home games of the Latvian national ice hockey team. Since there were no other ice rinks in Latvia in the 1990s, all the games of the Latvian ice hockey league were played here. Since the construction of more arenas, especially before the ice hockey world championship in 2006 , the national team moved to the Riga Arena and many clubs to newer ice rinks, so that only the HK Vilki OP Riga team played their home games here.

The owner of the building, the Rotermann Group from Estonia , planned to renovate the ice rink in 2007 and to create a new infrastructure around it with residential buildings, shops, offices and hotels. However, there were also media reports that the ice rink should be demolished. In the spring of 2008, the demolition of the building began, which has played a decisive role in ice hockey in Latvia for many years.

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