SVG Bleiburg

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SVG Bleiburg
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Basic data
Surname Sports club Grenzland Bleiburg
Seat Bleiburg
founding April 10, 1946
First soccer team
Head coach Mario Verdel
Venue Karl Kornberger Stadium
Places nb
league Carinthian League
2018/19 12th place

The Grenzland Bleiburg sports club is an Austrian football club from Bleiburg in Carinthia . The club plays in the Landesliga Kärnten, the fourth highest level in Austria. The club colors are black and white.


The association was founded on April 10, 1946 under the current name SV Grenzland Bleiburg. The main initiator of the establishment was Karl Blacha , who was seriously disabled during the Second World War . In 1954 the sports field was built, which was officially opened three years later. In 1957 the team rose for the first time, namely in the 1st class.

A year later came the relegation. It wasn't until four seasons later that the SVG made it to 1st class. Six years later they could celebrate the next promotion, this time in the lower league, the second highest division in Carinthia. There the club was able to hold for five years until they finally relegated again. From then on it was only uphill with the SVG Bleiburg. In 1976 there was renewed promotion to the lower league and in 1977 promotion to the Carinthian league. In 1991 they became Carinthian champions for the first time, but could not prevail in the relegation games for promotion to the 2nd division against SV Ried and SV Flavia Solva Wagna . In 1996 there was promotion to the new Regionalliga Mitte , to which the club belonged until 2005. You almost got relegated back in 1996/97 when it was only third from last, but the merger between SK Austria Klagenfurt and Villacher SV shortly after the end of the championship allowed them to stay in the league. Since the beginning of the 2006/07 season, SVG Bleiburg has been playing in the fourth highest Austrian division, the Carinthian League . A brief guest appearance in the regional league in the 2007/08 season could not change that.

In 2011 the board resigned and no successors could be found for a long time. It was not until June 28, 2011 that a new chairman could be presented in Daniel Wriessnig, a former player loyal to the club. In January 2012, the ex-national and Graz AK player Roland Kollmann switched to the Bleiburgern, where he took over the coaching position on April 3, 2012 after the resignation of the previous coach Miha Kreutz. Kollmann exercised the coaching office until the end of autumn 2012, after which he moved to Klagenfurt AC 1909. Christian Wölbl took over the coaching office in spring 2013, from August 31, 2013 Nedim "Dino" Omerhodzic until the end of the 2013/14 season. Then Christian Wölbl was entrusted with the task again. Christian Schreiber has been a coach since the first spring round, which was held in autumn 2014. On August 2, 2015 (after just one point after two rounds) Schreiber announced his resignation. Both Wölbl and Schreiber used to be players at Bleiburg. A successor was found on August 4, 2015 in Miha Kreutz, who had already acted as a trainer until 2012.

Women's soccer

In the 2006/07 season the Bleiburg Remember played in the Carinthian Women's League East and were relegated to the 2nd League Middle / West in the 2010/11 season . They placed themselves behind Taufkirchen in 2nd place and did not qualify for the 2nd league. The team played in the Carinthian women's league in 2019/20.

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