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RSA Security Inc.

legal form Corporation
founding 1986
Seat Bedford, Massachusetts
management Amit Yoran (President)

Arthur W. Coviello, Jr. (Chairman of the Board)

Number of employees 1144 (as of 2004)
Branch Software and IT services

RSA Security Inc. is a subsidiary of EMC Corporation that specializes in IT security and is headquartered in Bedford , Massachusetts, USA , with branches in Ireland, Great Britain, Singapore, India and Japan.

RSA organizes the RSA Conference , an annual event on the subject of IT security . The best-known products of the company are the cryptography - Program Library RSA BSafe and the authentication system SecurID .

The company was named after its three founders Ronald L. Rivest , Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman , who also invented the algorithm on which the RSA cryptosystem is based.


Rivest, Shamir and Adleman founded RSA Security Inc. in 1982 as RSA Data Security . In April 1996, Security Dynamics Technologies Inc. acquired RSA Data Security from its three founders for $ 251 million . In 1999 the two companies first released a joint product line called Keon and Security Dynamics was renamed RSA Securities Inc.

In mid-2006 it was announced that EMC Corporation would acquire RSA Security for $ 2.1 billion. This acquisition was completed in September 2006. With the acquisition of EMC by Dell Technologies in 2016, RSA Security is now part of the company.

RSA Security is one of the first major members of the FIDO alliance , which developed the industry standard Universal Second Factor (U2F) for generally applicable two-factor authentication .

Vulnerabilities in security products

On December 20, 2013, based on the findings of the Snowden documents , Reuters announced that RSA Security Inc. had received $ 10 million from the US National Security Agency to set up a crypto backdoor. The NSA had already exerted influence at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to ensure that the controversial random number generator implemented by RSA was declared the standard for crypto applications ( Dual-EC-DRBG standard). In addition to this random number generator, an extension for websites called Extended Random was implemented by RSA Security Inc., with the help of which the breaking of the random number generator can be significantly accelerated.

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