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The Radon-Riesz property , named after Johann Radon and Frigyes Riesz , is a property of normalized spaces considered in the mathematical sub-area of functional analysis. It describes a relationship between weak - convergent and norm -konvergenten consequences . Other names are Kadets-Klee property , after MI Kadets and Victor Klee or simply property (H) , which originally comes from an alphabetical list of properties and z. B. is used in the Mahlon Day textbook given below .


A normalized space has the Radon-Riesz property if it fulfills the following condition: If there is a sequence in this space which converges weakly to a and for which applies, then it already follows . In this case, the room is also called a Radon-Riesz room .


  • Every room with the Schur property has the Radon-Riesz property, since in the case of the former, the norm convergence alone follows from the existence of the weak convergence of the sequence.
  • If and is a measure space with positive measure , then the L p -space has the Radon-Riesz property. This statement, proven by J. Radon and F. Riesz, is also known as the Radon-Riesz theorem , from which the later naming of this property resulted.
  • Every uniformly convex space , even every locally uniformly convex space, has the Radon-Riesz property. Since the L p spaces are uniformly convex, this generalizes the previous example. In particular, every Hilbert space has the Radon-Riesz property.
  • Strongly convex spaces have the Radon-Riesz property.
  • There are Banach spaces with the Radon-Riesz property that are not strictly convex . To do renormalize the sequence space for one through . The Banach space is then an example of the desired kind.
  • The sequence space of the zero sequences with the supremum norm does not have the Radon-Riesz property. If the sequence denotes a 1 in the nth position and a 0 everywhere else, then obviously weak and applies , but because of there is no norm convergence.


An equivalent formulation is obtained by restricting the vectors in the definition of the Radon-Riesz property to those of length 1. Denotes the unit sphere of a standardized space , then:

  • A normalized X has the Radon-Riesz property if and only if for every sequence in that converges weakly to a , it already follows.

Is the relative weak topology on bounded sets metrizable , for example, when the dual space separable , so that means that the weak topology and the standard topology coincide on the unit sphere.

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