Rantau (island)

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Waters Strait of Malacca
Geographical location 0 ° 54 '  N , 102 ° 44'  E Coordinates: 0 ° 54 '  N , 102 ° 44'  E
Rantau (island) (Sumatra)
Rantau (island)
length 76 km
width 26 km
surface 1 597.5  km²
Residents 91,889 (2007)
58 inhabitants / km²
main place Selat Panjang

Rantau ( Indonesian Pulau Rantau , also Tebingtinggi or Tebing Tinggi ) is an Indonesian island off the east coast of Sumatra in the Strait of Malacca .


With an area of ​​1597.5 km², it is the largest of a series of islands lying off the east coast of Sumatra, each separated by an inlets just a few kilometers wide. Sumatra lies in the south of the island, Rangsang in the northeast , Merbau in the north and Padang in the northwest . Rantau is separated from Merbau by an arm of the sea that is only around 100 meters wide and 14.3 km long, which means that Merbau does not appear as a separate island on many maps. Rantau is 76 km long, up to 26 km wide and flat throughout.

In the east there are the two small islands Menggung and Topang directly in front of Rantau , in the southeast Serapung and Labu .


Administratively, the island of Rantau belongs to the administrative district ( Kabupaten ) Kepulauan Meranti of the province Riau and consists of the two sub-districts ( Kecamatan ) Tebing Tinggi and Tebing Tinggi Barat , which together have 91,889 inhabitants (as of 2007). The largest and most important place is Selat Panjang on the north coast of the island.

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