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Basic data

developer Ove Kaaven and much more.
operating system Linux , BSD , Solaris
category Compatibility layer ; Implementation of a Windows - API
License MIT license
German speaking No

ReWind is a software that is similar to Wine allows programs for the operating system Windows have been written with a kind of compatibility layer or emulation under the graphical interface of Unix ( FreeBSD , Solaris , Linux to run).

The name ReWind stands for re-engineering Windows or, according to Ove Kaaven, for “Rewind to the old Windows days” .

ReWind emerged in March 2002 as a project split (English fork) from Wine, when Wine switched from the MIT license (also called the X11 license) to the LGPL . In contrast to Wine, ReWind was able to continue to integrate proprietary software products instead of just being allowed to link them.

Since October 2005 the project seemed to have died (probably due to a dwindling number of developers and a low number of users), the homepage on SourceForge was replaced by another project of the same name. In March 2006, Transgaming took on the ReWind project and placed the old project site under its patronage. In the meantime, ReWind has been completely absorbed by Cedega .

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