Regiment de la cosa pública

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The Regiment de la Cosa Pública (Government of the Republic) is a treatise that contains 38 sections. This was written in Catalan by Francesc Eiximenis in 1383 . This book was written right after Eiximenis arrived in Valencia and it was dedicated to the jurats (representatives of the city).

Cover of the Regiment de la Cosa Pública (Valencia, Cristòfor Cofman, 1499). On the right Francesc Eiximenis offering his book to the Valencian Jurats .

General information

This dedication to the "jurats" gives us some clues about the period in which this work was composed. Another work by Eiximenis, the Dotzè del Crestià (Twelfth Book of Christianity ), contains the Regiment de la Cosa Pública as its sections 357-395. As an independent work, this book was only published in an incunabula edition in Valencia on January 28, 1499 by the German printer Cristòfor Cofman.

This work has a strong influence on John of Wales ' Communiloquium , as some research has shown. On the other hand, some parts of the book may not have been written by Eiximenis. These parts could have been added later. These parts are the famous twenty difficulties, thirty-two beauties, and the end of the prologue, along with the end of the epilogue. The Regiment de la Cosa Pública shows very well the central characteristics of Eiximenis' social and political thought. It also clarifies the basic guidelines of the so-called "Catalan and Aragonese Pactism".

Digital editions


  • [1] Edition on the "Joan Lluís Vives" virtual library.
  • [2] Edition on the Valencian digital library.

The Regiment de la Cosa Pública on all digitized works

Individual evidence

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