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Uniform buttons for the registers (custom-made for the Immanuel Church in Marten )
uniform buttons for the typesetting system (custom-made Immanuel Church )

The register button is a special design for register switches on an organ , i.e. an operating element that is actuated by pressing and automatically returns to the starting position when released (see button ). These switches are at the gaming table attached and by the organist or registrants operated.

They can be arranged freely above or next to the manuals. The switching status of the associated register is usually indicated by a lamp or light emitting diode . The buttons can be shaped and labeled in any way. Material, labeling, color coding and arrangement of the register buttons are not standardized, they differ depending on the organ building workshop.

With this type of switch, all coupling devices, game aids, etc. can also be switched on or off.

The use of register buttons requires an electrical register action . In contrast to self-adjusting register pulls or register rockers, register buttons are easier to manufacture, less prone to failure and noiseless, as no parts have to be moved electromagnetically.

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