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The travel trade card (RGK) is a document in which the regulatory authority certifies the permit to operate a travel trade ( Section 55 of the trade regulations ). The card is issued on request and for life (unless something else has been requested) by submitting an extract from the commercial or association register, a certificate of good conduct , an extract from the central trade register and possibly a certificate in accordance with the Infection Protection Act. It only entitles you to the activities named in the card and is valid for the entire Federal Republic of Germany.

A travel business card is required by anyone who commercially sells other goods outside of their commercial establishment (company headquarters) or without a company headquarters, visits others without a prior order and offers them goods or services or would like to accept orders. Anyone who works as a showman or runs a traveling camp also needs this card. In addition to representatives, a travel trade is also run by scissors grinders , vendor's tray operators and dealers with sales stands that are set up and dismantled every day. Until 2007, both the trader and his employees had to have their own travel business card. Since then, it has only been compulsory for traders. In the event of direct customer contact or in all other cases, if they work outside the location where the owner works, the employees must have a duplicate or a certified copy with them ( Section 60c (2) GewO). If no travel trade card or a copy can be presented, the authorities can request the cessation of operations until the card is presented. The authority is also entitled to have the goods shown.

Certain activities do not require a travel business card:

  • Occasional offering of goods at trade fairs, exhibitions, public festivals or for special occasions with the permission of the competent authority
  • Sales of self-made products from agriculture and forestry, vegetable, fruit and horticulture, poultry farming, beekeeping, hunting and fishing
  • Activities that require a travel trade card (except for the fairground trade) in municipalities with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants, if the municipality is the place of residence or the place of business
  • Sale of products according to the milk and margarine law and simultaneous sale of milk products
  • Activity as an insurance broker for the sale and brokerage of insurance or building society contracts
  • Activity as an insurance advisor to advise on insurance
  • Activity in a trade that requires a permit under federal or state law, for the exercise of which reliability is required and for which the required permit is available
  • Selling food or daily necessities from a non-stationary point of sale or another facility at regular, shorter intervals in the same place
  • Selling printed works for sale on public paths, streets, squares or other public places

A travel business card is also not required for those who visit other people in the context of their business operations (for example, as a curtain seller advising customers in the apartment).

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