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In Germany, religion teachers have taught the subject of religion at general schools and vocational schools only on the basis of Christian (separated into Protestant and Roman Catholic denominations ), Jewish or, more recently, Orthodox and Muslim beliefs. Occasionally there is project-based ecumenical cooperation between Protestant and Roman Catholic RU teachers, which must be approved by the responsible church authorities.

Depending on the federal state, religion teachers in Germany are mainly state teachers with religious faculties that

  1. have both state exams ,
  2. provided they are civil servants, are sworn in to the constitution and
  3. have the approval (evang .: vocation , cath .: missio canonica ) of the respective religious community.

In addition, the state also appoints representatives from the respective religious communities, such as B. for the Christian religious communities catechists , religious educators and (school) pastors who have been trained at corresponding church institutes and (technical) universities based on the state teacher training course, but without official state recognition .

The respective religious community can also withdraw approvals such as the Vocation or the Missio . Religion teachers can also return them at any time for reasons of conscience. Incidentally, according to the Basic Law, no teacher can be obliged to teach religion against his will.

If enough state religion teachers teach at a school, they also form specialist conferences there according to the faith represented, if necessary also tacitly tolerated across denominations. Otherwise you will find an equivalent for the regular professional exchange, e.g. B. in the respective convents for catechists and religious educators of the corresponding denominational regional church.

Since religious instruction is carried out under the responsibility of the respective religious community, the religious communities have the right to attend their religious instruction and to check whether the religion teacher also teaches in accordance with the principles of the religious community. For the Christian churches, school deans supervise the state teachers and, in the case of teachers appointed by the church, also supervise the department.

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