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Properties of human protein
Mass / length primary structure 90 amino acids
Gene names RETN  ; FIZZ3
External IDs
Homology family Resistin-like
Parent taxon Higher mammals

Resistin is a peptide hormone secreted by adipose tissue . Synonym it is considered FIZZ3 or ADSF (engl. Ad ipocyte-specific s ecretory f actor ), respectively. The role of resistin has been the subject of much research. A connection between this hormone and insulin resistance , type 2 diabetes or obesity has been postulated, but this has not yet been clearly confirmed.

The prepeptide of resistin in humans consists of 108 amino acids in the mouse and rat from 114. It has a molecular mass of about 12.5  kDa .


Resistin was discovered in 2001 by the group of MA Lazar at the Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania . It was called resistin because the injection caused insulin resistance in mice.

Human resistin in transgenic mice

Human resistin, which is expressed by transgenic mice, improves the survival rates of rodents in the case of gram-negative bacterial sepsis, which is exacerbated by an uncontrolled immune response to endotoxic lipopolysaccharides (LPS).

Individual evidence

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