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Restauro - magazine for restoration and conservation

Area of ​​Expertise Restoration, conservation
language German
publishing company Callwey Verlag (Munich)
First edition 1894
Frequency of publication 8 times a year
Editor-in-chief Ute Strimmer
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Restauro - magazine for restoration and conservation is a German-language specialist magazine that reports on the restoration, conservation and care of national and international cultural assets. The focus is on the work results of restorers, preservationists and cultural scientists as well as the related products and technical innovations.

IADA's announcements are also published in the restaurant .


Restauro was founded in 1894 under the title Technical Communications for Painting and was taken over by Callwey Verlag in Munich in 1942 . Due to the war, it was discontinued in 1944, only to appear again in 1955 under the name Maltechnik as a quarterly supplement to the painter's magazine Mappe . In 1972 Restauro became an independent magazine again, initially under the title Maltechnik-Restauro .

The magazine subscription includes the restorers handbook, which was published for the eighth time in 2010. It has established itself as a reference work that brings together addresses in the fields of restoration, conservation, museums and monument preservation from all over the world.

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