Lapels (clothing)

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The reverse also impact or flap , the upper outwardly whipped leading edge of a jacket , coat or blazer .

The collar runs around the neck and is connected to the lapel by a seam that always points downwards, the crochet or mirror seam, which closes the front. Collar and lapels are the common style . If the lapel follows the crochet seam and the tip of the lapel points downwards, an acute crochet angle is created and one speaks of a falling lapel . If the lapel rises at the apex of the crochet angle with the lapel tip pointing upwards, one speaks of a rising lapel . Even today there is the intermediate form, the so-called broken lapel , which has a very flat angle upwards or downwards from the crochet to the outside (crochet corner, crochet angle).

The contrast to the lapel collar is the shawl collar without gradation or incision between the lapel and collar.

Under Ulster Lapel means a big notch lapel with a rolled lapel break, that is, the reverse break has no sharp edges.

In Biedermeier additional lapel corners were common.

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