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Peter Richard Olsen (born October 31, 1911 in Sorø ; † February 13, 1956 there ) was a Danish rower .

At the European Championships in 1929, the Italian boat won in a four with a helmsman in front of the boat from Sorø Roklub with Aage Hansen, Christian Olsen, Walther Christiansen, Richard Olsen and Poul Richardt. In 1930 the Danes won over the Italian foursome, in 1931 and 1932 the Italians again won over the Danes. The Danish victory in 1930 was the only interruption in the Italian winning streak from 1925 to 1934.

In 1933 Hansen, Christiansen and the Olsen brothers competed without Poul Richardt in a four without a helmsman and also won the title in this boat class.

At the Olympic Games in 1936 Richard Olsen rowed with Harry Larsen in two without a helmsman . In the second heat they finished second behind the Hungarians, but reached the final with a victory in the intermediate heat. In the final, the Germans Willi Eichhorn and Hugo Strauss won with a three second lead over Olsen and Larsen, behind them the Argentine two won bronze over the Hungarians. At the European Championships in 1937, the Italian two-man won with Mario Lazzati and Ermenegildo Manfredini ahead of Olsen and Larsen. In 1938 the Germans Heinrich Stelzer and Rudolf Eckstein won ahead of Lazzati and Manfredini, followed by Richard Olsen and his brother Viggo Olsen who won the bronze medal.


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