Richard Roberts (engineer)

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Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts (born April 22, 1789 in Carraghova , Wales , † March 11, 1864 in London ) was a British engineer who advanced automated production.

At the age of 16, Roberts took a job as a draftsman at John Wilkinson's ironworks in Bradley. A few years later he started his own company. In 1828 he founded the company Roberts & Cie with Thomas Sharp . for the manufacture of tools, machines and locomotives. During this time he developed the spinning machine invented by Samuel Cromptons into an automatic machine, the self-actuator . But a number of important inventions in the field of machine tools can also be traced back to him. In 1817 , for example, he built a planing machine in which the workpiece was moved by means of a chain hoist. He also introduced the gear reducer and loose stepped pulleys on the lathe and it is believed that he invented the self-triggering of the tool slide.


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