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The Robert Lienau Musikverlag GmbH & Co. KG (formerly Schlesinger) is a music publisher based in Erzhausen . The publisher is administratively connected to the music publishers Zimmermann and Edition Hieber in Allegra Musikverlag.

It was founded in 1810 by Adolf Martin Schlesinger (1769–1838) in Berlin . The company became known as the original publisher of the works of Carl Maria von Weber . Son Maurice Schlesinger (1798–1871) opened his own company in Paris and worked closely with his father on copyright issues.

In 1864 the publishing house was taken over by Robert Emil Lienau (1838–1920). An important publication was the army march collection in 1872 in a complete edition, edited by Wilhelm Wieprecht . In 1875 the traditional Viennese company Carl Haslinger quondam Tobias was bought .

from the publishing house production (without year)

In 1898 the son Robert Heinrich Lienau (1866–1949) took over the management. In 1905 he was able to conclude a contract with Jean Sibelius , in which the latter left him his works op. 46–56. The brother of Robert Heinrich, Wilhelm Lienau, who ran the publishing house in Vienna, published a. a. Works by the "Newtoners" Alban Berg , Josef Matthias Hauer and Jefim Golyscheff .

After his death, his children Rosemarie (1903–1996) and Robert Albrecht Lienau (1905–2001) continued the publishing house. Book production was expanded and the Tonkünstler calendar was published. In 1990, for reasons of age, the Lienaus sold their company to Maja-Maria Reis, owner of the music publisher Zimmermann. In 1995, the publishing house began to publish chamber music works for strings by Niccolò Paganini together with Kurt Schumacher . In 1996 the company headquarters was relocated from Berlin to Frankfurt am Main, and in 2013 to Erzhausen.


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