Robert Emil Lienau

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Robert Emil Lienau (born December 28, 1838 in Neustadt in Holstein ; † June 20, 1920 ibid) was a German music publisher .

Robert Emil Lienau


Robert Emil Lienau was trained as a musician with Ignaz Moscheles and Moritz Hauptmann at the Leipzig Conservatory . His father Jacob Lienau was a very respected businessman who was made 1st honorary citizen of Neustadt in Holstein in 1878. It turned out, however, that Robert Lienau could not practice the chosen profession of Kapellmeister for health reasons. In 1863 he therefore joined the music shop and music publisher founded by Adolf Martin Schlesinger as a trainee in Berlin . A year later, Lienau got the opportunity to acquire the company and founded Robert Lienau Musikverlag . With hardly any commercial training, he carefully began to expand his publishing house. He published the works of Carl Maria von Weber in new editions and expanded the publishing program with literature for music lessons. The publisher participated in the intellectual disputes of his time with the publication of the music newspaper Echo (1851–1879), in which Lienau, who was one of the anti-Wagnerians , acted as a critic himself. He prepared concerts in Berlin for the pianist Clara Schumann and took her son Ludwig as an apprentice. Clara Schumann hoped for severity from the teacher. It turned out that Ludwig suffered from schizophrenia and had to be admitted to an asylum. In 1898 Robert Emil Lienau withdrew from the company, moved back to Neustadt and left the company to his son Robert Heinrich Lienau . Before his death in 1920, he appointed his nephew Cay Diedrich Lienau as executor.


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