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Jacob Lienau with his wife and two sons, painting by Detlev Conrad Blunck , around 1850

Jacob Lienau (* 1798 in Uetersen ; † 1884 in Neustadt in Holstein ) was a German businessman .


At the age of 22, Jacob Lienau went to Neustadt as a young businessman and opened a grocery store. Soon he was able to expand and became a grain wholesaler. He bought six merchant ships and got so much wealth that he built a representative house with a park in Neustadt. In addition to his professional career, Jacob Lienau was socially and culturally committed. At his suggestion, a new church tower was built in 1846 as the town's landmark. Between 1844 and 1854 he was in command of the Neustädter Schützengilde. The painter Detlev Conrad Blunck portrayed Jacob Lienau and his family around 1850.

Because of his achievements and merits, Jacob Lienau was named Neustadt's first honorary citizen in 1878. His life's work for the city was also honored by naming a school in Neustadt after him. A foundation account was set up for the Jacob Lienau School through donations from the Lienau family. The annual interest income is available as a reward for good performance by the award winners.

Hospital of the Holy Spirit - building inscription

Jacob Lienau is also named as the founder of the residential building with 21 apartments from 1853 in the Hospital of the Holy Spirit in Neustadt (building inscription).

The Lienau family from Uetersen has many branches. Jacob Lienau and his wife Robertine geb. Matthiesen numerous children. Among them were the Lübeck businessman and politician Cay Dietrich Lienau and, as his sixth child, the music publisher Robert Emil Lienau .

Jacobs cousins ​​were the well-known wine merchant Michael Lienau and the architect Detlef Lienau . In the Third Reich the "Lienau clan" was founded and "clan days" were held in Uetersen and Oldesloe .

Individual evidence

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