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The Max Hieber Musikverlag had its publishing focus on the music from Munich and Bavaria . Today it is run as Imprint Edition Hieber by Allegra Musikverlag Frankfurt am Main.


In 1884 the violinist and court musician Max Hieber founded a music shop with an affiliated music publisher on Marienplatz in Munich . The founder, Max Hieber, died on January 16, 1914. His second wife Anna, who had been with the Hieber house since it was founded, continued to run the business. At the same time she was training her son Adolf Hieber . In 1935, Adolf Hieber took over the management of the publishing house after the death of his mother. In 1944 the company was destroyed as a result of the air war. After the end of the war, reconstruction began in Kaufingerstrasse . In 1947 the American occupation forces gave Adolf Hieber permission to continue the company.

In 1971 Adolf Hieber retired from management and the company became a limited partnership . In 1987 Ulrich Seibert became the sole partner.

Outstanding focus of the publishing program, in addition to spending Bavarian folk music u. a. the musical works of Karl Valentin , Biermösl Blosn and the composer Wilfried Hiller .

In 2002 Ulrich Seibert sold the music publishing division to Allegra Musikverlag in Frankfurt am Main (since 2013 in Erzhausen ), which is part of the music publishers Zimmermann und Robert Lienau group. After a company merger, the music trade is continued in the Munich headquarters as Hieber Lindberg GmbH .


  • The Klampf'n Toni . Max Hieber, Munich 1895, since then numerous revisions
  • Beata Ziegler : Inner hearing as the basis of a natural piano playing technique . Max Hieber, Munich 1928
  • Georg Freundorfer : The way to the heart for zither a. a. Max Hieber, Munich 1929
  • Kurt Huber : Lower Bavarian song book . Edited by Clara Huber. Max Hieber, Munich 1951
  • Karl Valentin : The old knights . Max Hieber, Munich 1967
  • Association of Bavarian School Musicians (Ed.): Lied & Song . Songbook for schools. Max Hieber, Munich 1976


  • 100 years and not a bit quiet: Musikhaus Hieber Munich has its birthday on October 20th. In: Musikhandel , 1984
  • Now we are 100! Hieber music newspaper, 1984


Letters from Max Hieber Musikverlag are in the holdings of the Leipzig music publisher CF Peters in the Leipzig State Archives .

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