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Rolf Reichardt (* 1940 in Kassel ) is a German modern historian, Romance scholar and academic librarian at the Mainz University Library .

From 1961 Reichardt studied history, Romance studies and political science in Marburg, Dijon, Paris and Heidelberg, where he received his doctorate in history in 1969 (dissertation: Reform and revolution at Condorcet. A contribution to the late Enlightenment in France ). In addition, he completed his training as a specialist librarian and from 1971 was a specialist in the academic service of the Mainz University Library. There he organized a collection focus on French research supported by the German Research Foundation: culture, society, regions . He also organized exhibitions on the photo journalism of the French Revolution (1989), on French press caricatures (1992) and on Georg Forster (1994). With Eberhard Schmitt he organized an international conference on the French Revolution in Bamberg in 1979.

From 1996 to 1999 he held lectureships at the Justus Liebig University in Gießen , where he has been honorary professor since 1999. In 1987 he was visiting professor at the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme in Paris.

One of Reichardt's research focuses is the French Revolution, particularly under the aspects of cultural and media history, image journalism and historical semantics and contemporary reception in Germany. Since 2008 he has headed the DFG project Lexicon of Revolutionary Iconography .

In 1992 he received the Order of the Palmes académiques and in 2000 the Gay-Lussac-Humboldt Prize .

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With Eberhard Schmitt he edited a German translation of the Political Writings by Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès from 1788 to 1791 (published by Oldenbourg 1975, 2nd edition 1981).

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