Roncal (cheese)

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Roncal is a Spanish hard cheese from Navarra with a protected origin ( Spanish Denominación de Origen Protegida , DOP for short ; since 1981 ). It is made from raw sheep's milk from the Latxa sheep breeds and, to a lesser extent, Rasa Aragonesa in the Roncal Valley .

The milk is curdled with rennet at 30-37 ° C for about 45-60 minutes and the curd is then cut into pieces the size of rice grains. She is struck with the hand to the whey from the break separate. This is then salted, cut into pieces and pressed into shapes. Maturation at 7–12 ° C takes at least 120 days.

The ripened cheese is yellowish-white to straw-colored and has a semi-hard to hard consistency. The cylindrically shaped loaves weigh 1–3 kg and have a naturally hard, brown rind . The taste is pronounced and slightly piquant with buttery and roasted aromas, as well as notes of straw, mushrooms and dried fruits.

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