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  BE F 30th 07/17/1999 (3 weeks)

Rotterdam Terror Corps is a hardcore techno - Act , which in 1993 by five Dutch DJ was founded (DJ Distortion, MC RAW, Reanimator, DJ Petrov and DJ Rob).


After DJ Petrov and DJ Rob, Reanimator left the Rotterdam Terror Corps in 1995. The remaining members then founded their own record label Megarave Records . RTC cooperated over the years with other producers such as B. The Headbanger , Dr. Macabre or The Masochist.

When performing, DJ Distortion takes over the music, MC RAW and RTSier take care of the vocals. Her colleagues Bass-D & King Matthew often take part in productions. Her live performances with scantily clad dancers and elaborate pyrotechnics are popular with many gabbers .

After MC RAW was hospitalized for sickle cell anemia on February 1, 2003 , RTC fell silent. MC RTSier had taken over the part of MC RAW during his several years absence. Since his return in 2004 at the "Megarave" party in Peppermill (Heerlen, Netherlands), MC RAW has been taking part in live performances again with MC RTSier.

Rotterdam Terror Corps' well-known trademark is a white skull with implied headphones.

Albums and compilations

  • Three Waisted Souls (1995)
  • Strictly Hardcore (1996)
  • Sick And Twisted (1997)
  • From Dusk Till Doom (1998)
  • 5 Years RTC - The Remix Album (1998)
  • Constrictor (1999)
  • Fuck The Millennium (1999)
  • Schizophrenic (2000)
  • Schizophrenic (Italian Edition) (2000)
  • Unleash Hell (2002)
  • The Legacy 2006 Giftbox Edition (2005)
  • Respect The Core (2013)
  • Release your Anger (2016)

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