Roulette (print shop)

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George Stubbs - A Tiger and a Sleeping Leopard - Soft ground etching with roulette

The roulette [ ʀuˈlɛt ] is a tool from book production or from graphics and etching . It is in the manufacture of a printing cylinder or a printing plate for retouching or for generating raster - and half-tones in the gravure used.

The roulette is a pen-like tool, at the end of which is a small cylindrical roller, with the conical tips of which small indentations are pressed into the printing plate or the printing cylinder. If the plate is treated with an etching base , the metal is exposed at these points on the printing plate and can be etched in depth during the etching process.

When the printing plate is inking, ink remains in the depressions and is transferred to the paper. Depending on how close the halftone dots are to one another, gray values ​​up to deep black arise.

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