Ruwenzori shrew

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Ruwenzori shrew
Superordinate : Laurasiatheria
Order : Insect eater (Eulipotyphla)
Family : Shrews (Soricidae)
Subfamily : Crocidurinae
Genre : Ruwenzorisorex
Type : Ruwenzori shrew
Scientific name of the  genus
Hutterer , 1986
Scientific name of the  species
Ruwenzorisorex suncoides
( Osgood , 1936)

The Ruwenzori shrew ( Ruwenzorisorex suncoides ) is a species of shrew that lives in central Africa .

Ruwenzori shrews have a stocky body compared to other shrews, the rather short tail is almost hairless and the fur is black. These animals reach a head body length of 92 to 95 millimeters, which is also a 55 to 62 millimeter long tail, and a weight of around 18 grams.

These animals inhabit the Rwenzori Mountains and adjacent regions in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo , Uganda , Rwanda and Burundi . Their habitat are rainforests at altitudes between 800 and 2100 meters.

Little is known about the way of life of these shrews. They are likely to be ground dwellers and feed on mollusks and insects .

The Ruwenzori shrew is more frequent than other African shrews in the water and visits clear streams that can be up to 20 cm deep. In order to adapt to this way of life, it has a water-repellent coat, short ears and a lighter underside of the tail. Hands and feet but typical characteristics of aquatic mammals such as missing webbed or stiff hair combs. On each side of the upper jaw, the two outer incisors, the canine and the first premolar are similar in structure with a single point.

Before the species was recently rediscovered in Burundi, only five specimens were known to research. The IUCN lists them as endangered ( vulnerable ).


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