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The SV Flavia Solva is an Austrian football club from Wagna in southern Styria. The club colors are red and white. The club's name was taken from the former Roman settlement of Flavia Solva , which was located in Wagna. Home is the Römerstadion in Wagna. The fan club is the "Red Legion".


Club crest of the old SV Flavia Solva

The club was founded in 1952 by residents of the Wagna refugee camp and registered with the Styrian Football Association under the name SV Flavia Solva . The first championship game, in the 2nd class southwest, took place on February 15, 1953.

In 1969 he moved into the regional league. In 1972, the Styrian football club became champions and thus made it to the second highest division at the time, the Middle Regional League . In 1974, however, due to the ÖFB reform (dissolution of the regional league) , one had to relegate.

In 1981 they were promoted back to the second division, now the 2nd division. In 1985 they just missed promotion to the top division with 2nd place. In the spring of 1989 the club played in the middle playoff again for a place in the 1st division and ended up seventh in this competition.

After relegation a year later, they played again in the 2nd division in 1994 as the winner of the promotion tournament with the two other participants ASKÖ Donau Linz and Wolfsberger AC . Before that, the club had reached the quarter-finals of the ÖFB-Cup in 1993 as a member of the Styrian regional league , where after victories over the Linz ASK and VSE St. Pölten in front of 6,000 spectators they were eliminated with a 2-0 defeat against SK Rapid Wien was. In 1994 Flavia Solva lost - also as a lower house club - in the sixteenth finals of the Austrian Cup in Wagna against Austria Salzburg 1: 5 in front of 4,000 spectators.

In April 1997, Flavia Solva went bankrupt. The outstanding amounts amounted to just under 4.7 million schillings (approx. 341,000 euros).

In 1999, a game community was founded with SV Leibnitz, founded in 1931 . In 2003 it finally merged to form SVL Flavia Solva ( sports club Leibnitz Flavia Solva ).

The 2005/06 season in the regional league ended the South Styrians in 15th and penultimate place and thus relegated to the Styrian Oberliga Middle / West (5th league).

In the 2007/08 season the SVL Schleich Flavia Solva was sovereign league champions and thus played again in the Styrian regional league (4th league). The 2008/09 season the club was able to finish as champions of the Styrian regional league. Despite a defeat in the last home game, the first in two years, Flavia Solva made it to the Regionalliga Mitte (3rd division) due to the better goal difference.

In December 2013, the club had to file for bankruptcy again. On February 27, 2014, the youth of SV Flavia Solva and SV Leibnitz were united and the club was re-founded under the name SV Flavia Solva Leibnitz . After the dissolution of the youth cooperation, it was decided on March 15, 2016 at an extraordinary general assembly under chairman Guido Jaklitsch and president Peter Stradner to take the old name of SV Flavia Solva again.

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