Sacraments theology

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Sacraments theology is the theological and philosophical explanation of the sacraments . It is a branch of themselves to systematic theology belonging dogma .

In all Christian denominations there are certain bodily signs that are understood as symbols of divine presence. The respective church calls these signs sacraments or in the Orthodox tradition mysteries . The number of sacraments recognized by the individual denominations varies.

The seven catholic sacraments, reverse glass picture, 53 × 41.5 cm; Slovenia, late 19th / early 20th century

In the theology of the Roman Catholic Church , the division into a general theology of sacraments and a special theology of sacraments has emerged.

The subject of General Theology of the Sacraments is the reflection on the traits that connect the individual sacraments or cause similarities in their phenomenological form.

In contrast, the theology of the Evangelical Lutheran Churches emphasizes that a general concept of the sacraments can only be an auxiliary concept that summarizes and comments on what can be said about the individual sacraments.

The special doctrine of the sacraments deals with the individual sacraments, i.e. - depending on whether the individual denomination recognizes the corresponding sacrament - with baptism , confirmation , the Eucharist , the ordination of deacons , priests and bishops , confession , the anointing of the sick and the Marriage .


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