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Salers herd

The salers is an old French cattle - race from the Massif Central .


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Salers cattle have a light to dark mahogany red color, and black animals are rarely found. Cows reach a height at the withers of 135–143 cm, with a weight of 600–800 kg. The height of the bulls at the withers is 145–153 cm, and their weight is 900–1000 kg. The cows calve for the first time after 31–35 months and have an interval between 366–374 days. The calves have a birth weight of 36–39 kg and a daily weight gain of 1050–1400 g. Salers cattle have good calving properties, over 99% of births are considered to be easy births. The animals have an undemanding character.


Salers cow with calf

The Salers beef is a very original breed of cattle, which used to be mainly used as a dairy breed, but has recently also been used as a meat breed. In the vicinity of Salers , 7000 year old cave paintings were found that are very similar to today's Salers cattle. Salers cattle also bear some resemblance to ancient Egyptian red cattle.

In its present form, Salers cattle were bred from the local breed of cattle in the 19th century by Ernest Tyssandier d'Escous , who came from Salers . Today's Salers cows calve about once a year and give between 6.9 and 8.9 liters of milk. It has a protein content of 3.4% and a fat content of 3.8%.


In France, the Salers is one of the four most important breeds with over 200,000 cows. In Switzerland are held to 450 cows.

Salers cheese

Salers cheese is made from the milk of the Salers cattle ; a type of cheese that is said to have a 2000 year old tradition and is protected by the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée . In 1991 92 farms were still producing Salers cheese and kept between 35 and 50 cattle of this breed on each farm.

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