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Triangular samosas
Chamuças from Goa

Samosas ( Devanagari : समोसा, Samosā; also सामोसा, Sāmosā; Portuguese : Chamuça) are filled dumplings from Pakistan and India .

The dough consists of cooking oil or butter , water , salt and flour . They are often filled with leftover food, for example with the remains of a vegetable curry , with rice and potatoes , but also with minced meat , cheese , eggs or fish . Sweet fillings are also popular.

The samosas are folded into triangles and fried in simmering fat . This makes them crispy and tasty on the outside. Baking in the oven is also possible . Samosas are often eaten as a starter or on the street as a snack bar. In India , a chutney is usually served with hearty samosas .


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